Organization Ideas for Your Home

Create a functional input space to store

Take control of clutter and chaos right from the entrance of your home by creating an entrance that captures everyone (and everything else) before it gets inside too much. Designate an area with a bench or seat to remove dirty shoes and other outdoor items such as rain boots, jackets and umbrellas. Add many hooks to hang backpacks and jackets. Place labeled or color-coded baskets under the bench for smaller items from each family member. If you make a habit of leaving all your belongings where you are assigned, leaving the house the next morning will be a little easier.

Create a station for breakfast and snacks designated for children

So you managed to tidy up the children by storing their belongings somewhere where they could find them. But now they are starving and chaos is settling in the kitchen. Why not designate a place in the kitchen for after-school snacks, breakfast and lunches? Depending on the size of your kitchen, this can be as simple as the lower drawer of a cabinet, a pantry or cabinet section complete with a mini-fridge for drinks. If possible, choose a place that does not interfere when you cook or do the dishes. Store bowls, utensils and lunch boxes in a lower place than younger ones can easily reach. And keep it filled with their favorite cereals, snacks and healthy drinks.

Set up a kitchen homework place

For the ultimate workspace, check out the 30 workspaces for Freshome Back to School. But the kitchen is at the heart of the house and is also a great place to set up a small workplace. And you can make sure the homework is done while you prepare dinner!

Get your laundry room sorted

School clothes, towels and sports uniforms accumulate rapidly throughout the week. Organize your laundry area with dirty labeled laundry baskets, colors, lights and an emergency basket for heavily soiled items requiring immediate attention. Ask everyone to throw dirty laundry in baskets so you do not waste time looking for items to wash under the bed or in gym bags. Save even more time by placing clean items in designated baskets that each child can bring back into their room and put away.

Set up an operations command center

Make your family run like a well-oiled machine by organizing a complete control center with a calendar, bulletin board, chalk or dry-erase board for to-do lists and a place to store your papers or mail.




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