How To Furnish Your First Home Without Going Into Debt

You’ve finally done it – you’ve taken a big step in your life and bought your first home. Then it hits you. A house requires a lot more furniture than a small apartment. How are you supposed to fill all this space? If you realize that you suddenly need a whole house filled with furniture, this post is for you. We have gathered our best tips to furnish your home without breaking the bank. Follow our advice and your new home will become a home before you realize it.

  • Source of expensive second-hand items. Remember, there are many ways to furnish your home without going to expensive, high-end stores. If new furniture does not fit into your budget in the near future, it’s time to get creative. Fortunately, there are many ways to find affordable used parts. All you need is an attentive eye. Look for thrift stores and consignment stores in your area and visit them regularly to get an idea of ​​how their inventory is changing. Check Craigslist and other sites for sale. Pay attention to messages for garage sales and local flea markets. It is also a good idea to let your friends and family know that you are in need. You never know who can be willing to offer a little flippancy. Be sure to evaluate used items before agreeing to bring them home. Make sure they have all the necessary parts, are structurally sound and clean enough. Do your best to find items that fit your personal style, but keep in mind that they do not have to match exactly.
  • Evaluate your current inventory. While we would all like to furnish our new home with new furniture ready for Pinterest’s board, for most of us this is not a realistic option. While some cool parts may be needed, you will not be able to get a clear idea of ​​what you need without taking stock of your current inventory, especially if you are combining households with your other for the first time. To do this, sit back and take a long hard look at everything you own. Start with basic furniture, then move on to smaller items such as textiles and accessories. Evaluate each item based on its usefulness, status and whether or not it matches your personal style. Make a list and separate the pieces into one of three categories: Keep, Not Sure and Give / Throw. Once the first two categories are defined, review them once again. This time, decide where each item will be placed in your new home. Keep an open mind and consider alternatives to your last life situation. If something is wrong with your new environment, consider letting it go.
  • Cohesive looks of DIY. If you’re ready to go the extra mile, it’s possible to make every piece look like a matching set. When it comes to furniture, most of the time, only the right DIY tutorial and a few coats of paint are missing. To do this, your first step is to find a design inspiration. Do a search in some interior design sites like Freshome until you find some photos that showcase an aesthetic that you like. Then look for a video or a detailed tutorial that clearly describes the process. Understanding how to furnish your home for the very first time can be overwhelming. Suddenly you end up with a lot more space and nothing to fill it. Keep these tips in mind before you step in and rebuild your house from top to bottom. With our help, you can approach the interior design of your new home in a sensible way.




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