Dining Room Trends

In recent years, formal eating places have experienced a decline in popularity. It was once unthinkable to have a house without a room reserved for your family and friends, but today’s homeowners are breaking the tradition of more relaxed living. However, do not call these spaces a thing of the past yet. These trends in the 2017 dining room prove that even the most old-fashioned interiors can be modernized. Trust us when we say that these are not your grandmother’s dining tables.

  • Opt for a bench. The dining rooms are more and more relaxed thanks to the type of seat chosen for these spaces. The days when clamshell and high-backed chairs are used to create a uniform look are over. Instead, benches are a popular way to make your dining room incredibly comfortable. Many people assume that this type of seating arrangement is reserved for rustic interiors. Although a solid wooden bench certainly does not seem out of place, it is far from the only option. A painted bench would be ideal for coastal interiors, while an acrylic option would suit perfectly in the most modern rooms. Remember that benches can often be multifunctional. Consider adding storage underneath to store your extra kitchen equipment or even to include a cushion and cushions to make your guests more comfortable.
  • Include artistic lighting fixtures. There is no doubt that lighting is essential in any food court, but that does not mean that you are limited to a standard chandelier. Modern eating areas tend to assume that the fixture is the focal point of the room. Sometimes it is even considered a work of art. When choosing bright lights, the size of the camera is your main concern. As a general rule, if you add up the length and width of the piece, you get a number equal to the diameter of your chandelier. For example, if you buy a unit for an 8 ‘x 12’ room, 8 + 12 = 20, you must look for a 20 “diameter unit. As for aesthetics, the sky is really the limit. Your main goal should be to make sure the piece stands out. Remember to use a bright color, maybe even on the other side of the color wheel. Alternatively, you can choose a device that incorporates metals to add shine to the room.
  • Choose playful chairs. The last trend we are going to talk about is playful chairs. As you can see in the photo above, the relaxed trend in restaurants has become an eclectic territory. Get off the beaten track when choosing your chairs to breathe an atmosphere of freedom into space. You have some options. Choose to mix and match the color, shape or material of the chairs. Keep at least one of these details in all rooms. This will help subtly link the chairs, allowing you to get as wild as you want along with the other aesthetic details. Remember that when choosing a design element that has such a visual impact, it should be the focal point. Use neutral colors and materials in the rest of the space to create a background that will make your chairs stand out. Plus, include a lot of negative space in your design to make sure that the functionality of the room is not overwhelmed by its style.
  • Create a dining area. These days, the meals are casual. For those who do not want to dedicate an entire room to formal receptions, consider arranging a space separate from your kitchen for this task. A dining area offers you the extra seating you need while remaining useful in your daily life. When setting up this space, it is essential to find the right balance between distinction and coordination with the rest of the kitchen. The shape can be incredibly useful to enhance your dining area. For example, look at how the rounded furniture in the picture above contrasts with its linear background. Meanwhile, the color can be used to make your corner harmonize with the rest of the room. Be sure to keep the same color palette in this area as in the rest of the room. However, if the mix of aesthetics is too worrying, consider incorporating different prints or patterns into similar tones to give your nook extra visual interest.

The dining rooms are not what they used to be. Rather than claiming formal spaces, today’s homeowners prefer to focus on casual interiors that they can use every day of the year. That said, do not count these spaces until you’ve seen our favorite trends for the 2017 dining room. With these tips, you’ll be able to create a dining space for modern living.




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